Facebook App Updated To 2.0 With Significant Improvements

On Monday Facebook released version 2.0 of the Facebook iPhone application, bringing with it many significant improvements and additions. The biggest thing of note is that the interface has been significantly improved. You can now view and address notifications, see the full News Feed and News Feed comments, and tag photos right from the application. The update is also said to be much faster and more stable, especially for those who have a large number of friends. Full list of improvements follows:

  • Notifications

  • The full News Feed
  • News Feed story comments
  • People search
  • Friend requests
  • Photo tagging
  • Photo captioning
  • Photo posts to your friends’ Walls
  • The full Mini-Feed, now combined with The Wall
  • Your entire inbox, plus the sent folder and updates tab
  • Inbox search
  • Message attachments

On its App Store page, it is also mentioned that “Even more features will be updated in the weeks and months ahead”, giving hope to those features which haven’t yet been added.

The Facebook app is available for free in the App Store.

Thanks Joshua W.!

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