EyeTV Streams Live TV To Your iPhone, Controls Mac Client

Elgato recently released their newest iPhone app, EyeTV [App Store, $4.99]. The new app allows you to watch live TV streams and recorded video from a Mac running the companion app. It also allows you to schedule EyeTV to record recordings in the future, much like on TiVo, as well as information on when programs are airing.

EyeTV requires an Elgato USB stick, EyeTV 3.2 for Mac, EyeTV for iPhone and a Wi-Fi connection.
for iPhone provides four basic functions. First and foremost, it lets you ewatch live TV on your iPhone. As you probably guessed, this feature only works over Wi-Fi due to the high bandwidth demands. Buffer time averages around 5 seconds, and standard definition is a little smoother than HD programs, but both are playable.

It also shows programs recorded using EyeTV for Mac, under the catigories of Library, Exporting, Recording Now and Past Week, letting you manage what you’re recording and re-play ones recorded in the last week.

The Schedules section lets you view and control apps to be recorded on EyeTV for Mac in the near future. The Guide section lets you view upcoming programs on various channels and chose to watch or record them.

The only problem with the app is that it requires you to have a Wi-Fi connection and a Mac running EyeTV for Mac currently on, complete with the USB card. If that’s fine with you, then check it out.

EyeTV is available in the App Store for $4.99. More info available here.

[via 148apps]

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