EyeTV Now Allowed To Stream TV Over 3G

Elgato, makers of EyeTV for streaming TV programs on your iPhone, have come up with a novel solution for streaming content over your 3G connection. Their app in the App Store is restricted to only streaming over Wi-Fi, but they recently launched their own workaround in the form of a web application.

The site uses HTTP live streaming to bring you high quality video directly to MobileSafari instead of their built-in app. It’s powered by the EyeTV 3.3 update, which is free to existing EyeTV app users.

An added bonus with the new web interface is that MobileSafari, unlike App Store apps like EyeTV, has video-out capability, meaning you can hook it up to a screen using a composite or component video-out cable and view EyeTV programs on an actual TV.

Both the web app and the App Store update are now available.

[via TUAW]

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