External Keyboard Connected To iPhone Without Jailbreaking

Proving once again that sometimes what seems like the most complicated way of doing something can be the simplest and most effective, a few brilliant engineers with Perceptive Development have successfully connected an infrared keyboard with an iPhone without jailbreaking the device! Most impressively of all, they did it for less than $20 using the headphone port. (Videos after the break.)

While most people have been trying to connect a keyboard to the iPhone through the standard means like the dock connector, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, all of these methods are off-limits in Apple’s iPhone SDK. The audio port, however, is not.

The circuit cost them $20 in materials, and accepts the infrared signal from the keyboard or other USB devices and sends the signal in through the audio port using frequency shift keying, or turning keystrokes into sounds. The result is nearly enough to boggle the mind, and while it’s not the cleanest setup, it’s certainly the most effective by far.

[via Ars Technica]

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