Experience the Windows Phone 7 from Your iPhone

Even though I don’t recommend purchasing the Windows Phone 7, because the iPhone is naturally our fancy, it’s still cool to try our the OS running on the aforementioned device in comparison to iOS. Microsoft have made that possible, and it’s quite fascinating in fact!

First off, I want you to either open this editorial from your iPhone or other iOS device or finish reading it on your desktop and then open up the article from your device. Once you’ve done so, click on the link located below that will take you to a page in Safari which you should “Add to Home Screen”. Then click on the icon added to your home page and voila!

So this interactive WP7 program (link below) lets you experience the whole program for yourself. You can’t actually do anything that will affect the outside world from inside the app, but you can see how owning an Windows Phone would be – all of the menus are available to navigate through, and some of the default applications can be used with what is provided to you.

While I do agree that the firmware running on the Windows Phone is indeed worthy of your purchase, iOS is definitely much better from what I got to try out so far. Maybe it’s biased because I am a blogger writing for an Apple-centric blog, but that’s truly what I believe; it was just too easy to get lost in the UI of the firmware, although it’s definitely aesthetically attractive. I think I’ll just stick to Apple’s black and white, though.

iOS devices just aren’t for a select few of people and maybe offering this on Microsoft’s part is the perfect way to figure out whether or not you like the iPhone over the Windows Phone. It’s surely an easy decision for me…

Click here from your iOS device: LINK