Even Bill Gates’ Kids Wanted Apple Products for Christmas

There is nary an audience that Apple products cannot appeal to, especially to wide-eyed competitors that are more than likely green with envy; possibly over the green that Apple generated over the holiday season. In fact, not even the Bill Gates household could make it through the season without Apple products on a wish-list for Santa to deliver. However, it seems that Gates and Santa had a deal in place since the Gates kids ended up with what can be considered the direct opposite of their humble wishes.

Unwrapping Microsoft Surfaces on Christmas morning should have been expected by the Gates’ kids. Perhaps they asked for an (unspecified) Apple product under the impression of either a glimmer of hope, desperation, retaliation, or as a cruel joke. No matter the case, Microsoft products were unsurprisingly in full supply under the Gates’ tree.

Melinda Gates, wife of Bill, gave the U.K. station Radio 4 a glimpse into the family’s Christmas transpirations, saying “Of course they ask [for Apple products], but they get Windows technology. The wealth from our family came from Microsoft, so why would we invest in a competitor?” Maybe to make your children a little happier, Mrs. Gates? Although the logic of billion dollar competitors really cannot be argued with.

While we highly doubt that the Gates could produce a disappointing array of presents under the tree, how many people would be that happy with a Microsoft Surface instead of an iPad? Unless those people are appreciative of the ability to sell it for the latter device, sale numbers speak to a minority of consumers that had chosen the Surface over the more proven tablet leader.

This begs the question: if the Gates kids are bold enough to request presents from Apple, would they take the extra steps to go about purchasing the overseen gifts themselves? For the sake of Microsoft, we have to hope that they will not begin flaunting “i” devices.