EU May Require User-Replaceable Battery In iPhone, iPod Touch

One of the big pet-peaves for many iPhone users that was apparent early on is that the iPhone’s battery isn’t user replaceable, but they may have to change it soon if a new directive from the European Union is passed. They are pushing a regulation requiring that all electronic devices in Europe have a battery that can be easily replaced by the user.

If the EU gets it’s way, Apple would be forced to re-design iPhone 3G and iPod touch, as well as the rest of their iPod line and MacBook Air, to allow for user-replacability.

While it would place a burden on Apple, such a ruling would undoubtedly be popular with customers.

Gary Nevison, writing for New Electronics, said [PDF] “the requirement is clearly intended to ensure that users can remove batteries by opening a cover by hand or after removal of one or two screws. The producer will also have to provide the user with details on how to remove the battery safely.”

Don’t get your hopes up just yet, though. The regulation still needs to be ratified, and they may make exceptions to exclude Apple’s products before then.

[via Apple Insider]

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