Etymotic Launches New Headphones, Bluetooth Headset

Etymotic unveiled an updated line of iPhone and iPod headphones and bluetooth headset at CES. New additions consist of the hf3, mc3, mc5, and etyBLU2.

The hf3 replaces the hf2 earbuds, adding a three button remote that lets you control compatible iPhones and iPods without having to handle it directly, and both it and the mc3 and mc5 (also new) use a new combination of low-cost coil drivers and response-shaping to boost weak highs without diminishing bass.

The etyBLU2 bluetooth headset replaces the etuBLU and has a new directional microphone on a fixed boom, as well as noise cancellation resulting in 98% noise reduction and a more natural wearing position.

They didn’t say when they would hit shelves, but the mc3 and mc5 will be $99 and $79, respectively.

[via iPodNN]

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