Epocrates For iPhone Makes Doctors Look Cool, Sells iPhones

The makers of the Epocrates medical drug reference app for the iPhone [App Store] have released the results of a survey they conducted to see how doctors using their software and their patients feel about it. According to the press release, not only do doctors find it to be extremely useful, but they also find that the iPhone helps them to look more professional.

Two surveys were conducted by Epocrates, Inc. of 303 US physicians and 304 consumers that are registered with the company and downloaded the app within the first week it was available.

According to their survey, the availability of the Epocrates app on the iPhone was a major factor in their decision to buy the iPhone in the first place, showing the impact an app can have on iPhone sales and it’s ability to fit into niche markets.

Other interesting findings include:

  • Nearly 80 percent report using Epocrates during patient visits and sharing drug safety information with their patients
  • Patient reaction is positive with the majority feeling more confident their provider is confirming clinical information, and a subset (39 percent) reports receiving admiration for using the “latest cool technology”
  • More than 70 percent of physicians report using Epocrates at least once per day, and half plan to use it more in the future. In addition, 90 percent believe all healthcare professionals should use a clinical reference, such as Epocrates

Doctors aren’t the only ones that use the Epocrates app for the iPhone. Consumers find it useful too, using it to do anything from identify mystery pills or solve a criminal case. Findings from consumers include:

  • 60 percent of consumers report using the drug identification tool; some even report using it to clean out their medicine cabinet
  • 65 percent of consumers have or will recommend Epocrates to their provider, and a quarter already spoke with their physician about information they found in Epocrates – several reporting a changed prescription as a result
  • The majority of consumers also feel that healthcare professionals should use a clinical reference in practice. As a survey participant succinctly stated, “no one can remember everything all the time!”

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