Enigmo 2

Enigmo 2 is the sequel to the award winning port of the Macintosh game Enigmo. It is a unique, three-dimensional physics-based puzzle game. The game involves getting some sort of substance (water, plasma, laser beams) from its source to a collection receptacle by using objects and reflective surfaces. Once you collect the minimum amount of each substance simultaneously, you can advance to the next level, but you must do it quickly. Your bonus points start high and start ticking down as soon as the game starts.

Each level consists of spouts and collection areas which float in space. Unlike the original Enigmo, every puzzle is totally three dimensional. The initial object of the game is to redirect water droplets from a spout into a collection area. This is accomplished by using various tools such as discs that bounce or re-direct flow of the droplets. The game then introduces other elements; laser beams, where you have to use mirrored discs to reflect the beam, and plasma, which you have to use gravity orbs to make the plasma orbit into the collection vase. Eventually, the game starts throwing puzzles involving all three at you, and it can prove to be very challenging.

The controls are very intuitive and easy to use. You use one finger to drag objects and tools, two fingers to rotate the puzzle map, and pinching zooms in and out. The game is very sensitive and responsive. Each level has an incredible amount of depth. In the graphical department, Enigmo 2 is on top. Simply put: the game is beautiful. You can zoom in pretty far and all the textures and surfaces remain crisp. You can see every detail, right down to the drops of water or blobs of plasma. It runs very smooth and had no lag or slowdown, even a lot of action on the screen. The physics are great for a portable game. Re-directing blobs of plasma using the gravity spheres is particularly cool. The orb creates a gravitational pull, making any surrounding plasma blobs orbit around it like a mini-asteroid field. Attention to detail like that is what makes this game great.

Enigmo 2 is a great game, and I have little to nothing bad to say about it. Having never played the original Enigmo, I have nothing to compare Enigmo 2 against, but this is a game that developers put a lot of time and effort into bringing you. The hard work shows- all of Enigmo 2′s puzzles are like nothing you’ve ever seen. The whole game really shines; everything from the graphics, the controls, and the physics are immaculate. For the under five dollar price range, this game is a steal, even after the recent price increase from $2.99 to $3.99. Go buy it.

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