Engadget: Google’s Nexus One Not An iPhone Killer?

The hype surrounding the upcoming Nexus One (aka Google Phone) in the past few months was palpable, with many saying it was going to be the ultimate Android device, free of influence from meddling hardware makers and sold with an exciting new business model. Now that some have seen it, they say that while it’s still a great device, it’s not the iPhone-killer everyone made it out to be.

The main reason, according to Engadget, who recently got their hands on the device for an early look, is that the interface still doesn’t have that polish that the iPhone or even the Palm Pre provided. Also counting against it is the lack of multitouch, one of the main features of the iPhone. That said, they say it’s quite a bit faster than the Droid (Motorola’s Android device) and the UI has a few small additions that make the experience as a whole much smoother.

Throughout the phone there are also new animations and flourishes which make Android 2.1 feel way more polished than previous iterations (including the Droid’s 2.0.1), though it’s still got a ways to go to matching something like the iPhone or even Pre in terms offit and finish. 

[Engadget via MacRumors]


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