Elimintate Pro Is First Free App To Make Top Grossing List In App Store

Eliminate Pro [App Store, Free] has become the first free application in the App Store to make the Top Grossing list, Proving the profitability of Free applications. The first person shooter from ngmoco is currently the 22nd most profitable app in the App Store, without costing users anything to download and play the game.

Described as a “freemium” app, Eliminate Pro lets you earn points to buy new gear in the game as you play for a limited period of time. When that runs out, you can keep playing for free, or purchase blocks of time to earn more points in $1, $10 and $30 dollar increments.

Thanks to their fun game and their intuitive business model, they have shown what is possible now that free apps can offer in-app purchases.

[via The Apple Blog]

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