EFF Launches FreeYourPhone.org Petition To Make Unlocking, Jailbreaking Exempt From DMCA

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is looking for iPhone owners who are unhappy with having phones that are locked to their carrier or are restricted from using the device in a certain way like jailbreaking to sign a petition at FreeYourPhone.org to appeal to the Copyright Office. The goal is to file the comments to the Copywrite Office and “help EFF get a 3-year DMCA [wiki] exemption for users who liberate their phones.”

They have launched Comments need to be submitted by February 2, 2009, so they can be included in the ones being sent to the Copyright Office.

  • Ever wanted to unlock your cell phone to take it to another carrier?
  • Frustrated by not being able to swap SIM cards when taking your phone overseas?
  • Eager to unlock an iPhone to use it on T-Mobile instead of AT&T?
  • Need to “jailbreak” your iPhone in order to install the great applications that Apple won’t allow into the iTunes App Store?

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