EA Mobile Announces Five New Games For iPhone, iPod Touch

EA Mobile has announced five new games for the iPhone and iPod touch, adding to their lineup, including AMERICAN IDOL, Downtown Texas Hold’em, Mystery Mania, CRANIUM, and Hell’s Kitchen. “This month’s offerings are a true testament to the breadth of EA Mobile content available for consumers,” said Adam Sussman, VP Global Publishing for EA Mobile. “EA Mobile has a game for everyone and every mood, whether players yearn to become a professional poker player or singing sensation; or would rather play puzzle challenges and solve mysteries.”

AMERICAN IDOL will let iPhone users play as a contestant on the show, selecting cloths for the competition, activities, friends and songs, which include fan favorites like “Material Girl”, “Heard it Through the Grapevine” and “Lady Marmalade,” as well as balance their social life with rehearsal schedule. It will also let them interact with celebrities from the show like Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson, and has a different story line each time the game is played.

Downtown Texas Hold’em lets beginners get started with Practice Mode, build a stack with Career Mode, and track progress with In-Game or Career Stats.

Mystery Mania is a mystery puzzle game. You play a charming robot created by a mad scientist, and explore a mansion filled with “devious puzzles, perilous traps, and mysterious secrets.” Your goal is to discover why the robot was created, and to escape from the mansion. Gameplay involves drinking potions, diffusing laser beams and fighting angry creatures.

CRANIUM is an electronic version of the classic board game Cranium, made for mobile devices. The game comes with over 300 mini-games. Gameplay consists of answering trivia questions, unscrambling words and keeping pace.

Hell’s Kitchen is a new take on the reality TV show of the same name that tests the player’s culinary skills, led by Chef Gordon Ramsay. Try to beat the clock in a busy kitchen while orders roll in.

AMERICAN IDOL, Downtown Texas Hold’em, and Hell’s Kitchen are currently available for purchase in North America, and that Mystery Mania and CRANIUM are available worldwide, but we haven’t spotted any of them in the App Store just yet.

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