‘Dragon Dictation’ Speech To Text App Free For Limited Time [Update: Censors Language]

Remember that super-sweet dictation app for the iPhone called Dragon Dictation that Gear Diary did a demo video of a while back? Remember how it was able to translate spoken words into text with near perfect accuracy, and let you send it directly to the clipboard or a new mail or text message? Most importantly, remember how he said he hoped it wouldn’t be too expensive? Well it’s out in the App Store now, and it’s free.

That’s right. Dragon Dictation [App Store, Free] application who’s PC and Mac counterpart it was derived from is widely regarded as high-end (even overpriced, by some) is now available for all iPhone models, completely free for a limited time.

There have been a few questions about privacy or security, as the speech gets sent to servers over the internet to be processed, but they assure everyone that it will be kept private and secure:

“Search queries and dictation requests are transcribed by fully automated speech recognition software, without the use of humans. Data is uploaded and collected in order to improve performance for individual users, and to improve the general performance of the system.

All speech recognition requests and associated data are processed in data centers in the U.S. that meet stringent security and privacy standards; these are the same standards that we use for processing private information in other areas of our business.”

In short, you’d have to be crazy not to get this app. This one is just too good to pass up.

Update: Looks like we managed to miss one little detail. As Andy Ihnatko points out, Dragon Dictation censors your text. All those naughty words that are so fun to say don’t get transcribed correctly, with either asterisks in key locations or simply mistranslating the words.

[via TUAW]

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