Drag And Drop iPhone Game Creation Tool ‘GameSalad’ Enters Alpha Testing

Want to build your own iPhone game, but don’t know any code? U.S. startup Gendai Games may have just what you’re looking for. They recently released a public alpha version of Game Salad, a drag-and-drop game creator for the Mac. While it seems to be focused on making games for embedding to your blog or sharing on social networks like Facebook, they say it can also make games to be published to the App Store for iPhones.

They say that the tool was built with the intention of making it as easy to use as possible. Users can import photos from iPhoto and music from GarageBand for use in their game. The App Store publishing process for the tool requires a little more consideration.

Right now they only support the creation of 2D games. Gendai says they have 3D game creation working as well, but are waiting to release the functionality until they get it just right. They created a promotional video to explain what it does:

Keep in mind, however, that this is still in early alpha testing stages, so there’s plenty of time for something not to work or for Apple to shoot it down for NDA reasons (which seems likely). You should also note that iPhone game production is not it’s original purpose. Gendai says their ultimate goal is to create a sort of “YouTube for Games” on the web where users can share their games with others. Still, they say they want to let their developers make a little money in the process by giving them the opportunity to publish apps for the iPhone. (We’re thinking that’s going to be what most developers are after.)

Want to give GameSalad a try? You can apply for membership in their public alpha test here.

[via Mashable]

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