DOOM Classic

Doom Classic puts you in the boots of a Marine stationed at a martian outpost where all hell breaks loose, quite literally.  You are the lone survivor, and it’s up to you to survive and escape, taking down the hell-spawn that invaded your base in the process.  The game is a straight port, and runs beautifully on the iPhone.  Running down corridors and blasting baddies is just as fun as you remember it, free of any lag or slowdown.  Even all of the original cheat codes work, just do a four finger tap and input them on the keypad.

Control issues are usually the one thing that prevent FPS’s on the iPhone from being fun. Doom Classic’s controls take some getting used to, but the game is very playable, unlike several other FPS’s on the App Store.  There are three controller options. Every control scheme has icons for firing, menu, and map.  You can position these buttons, along with your d-pads, anywhere on screen, or hide them completely.  

The first and worst layout is an onscreen D-pad that controls movement and camera simultaneously, which cripples gameplay as you cannot strafe unless you tilt the iPhone. The second option is a typical iPhone FPS setup with one D-pad for movement, and another for left and right camera movement.  Most people prefer this setup, but I find it to be a little too touchy.  The third setup, which I find easiest to use, is one D-pad for movement and strafing, and a virtual steering wheel for turning.  Movement controls are almost a little too responsive, as the game moves very fast, and there is no control sensitivity adjustments. This would have been a welcome inclusion.  Another gripe is that every control scheme has you slide the D-pads in the direction you move, instead of having a stationary D-pad where you just press the directions. It’s awkward at first, but something you can get used to. Overall, the controls are not bad, but take a bit of adjustment.

The game, like the original, gives you the option to save your progress anywhere, which makes it perfect for playing on the go.  Every level is available to select from the get go, so seasoned Doom veterans can buy the game and jump straight into their favorite levels. There is also wifi co-op and deathwatch for up to four players.  It would be extremely sweet if iD Software threw in some online multiplayer. Overall, this game is a near perfect port of a genre-defining classic with a few control issues.  iD, please update this game with more control options, including a stationary D-pad. The controls in their port of Wolfenstein 3D were more customizable. Doom veterans and newcomers alike will definitely enjoy this game.

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