Wait Is Over: ‘Doodle Jump’ Multiplayer Update Available Today

Updated. I posted about a new Doodle Jump update in the testing stages back in October of last year. The title? Doodle Jump Multiplayer Update Coming Out Real Soon! Well, I was a little wrong with the real soon part because only today did Lima Sky, developers of the widely popular jumping game, post on their twitter account that the multiplayer update would be coming out sometime today. So even though I was almost 5 months off, it’s coming true. That’s what counts right?

UPDATE: I’ve gotten in a few rounds of playtime with a few random people and so far it’s going great. Basically, it’s the classic version of the game but instead, you’re racing against another person to reach the finish line – yes, the gameplay is the exact same with all of the usual elements mixed into it, including monsters, springs, and such. Seems pretty smooth so far. Just wondering how far Lima Sky will take this!

This multiplayer update hasn’t yet showed up, for me anyway, so I don’t know all of the goodness, but I do know that you’ll be racing against friends/random people worldwide via Game Center inside the game. I’m guessing to see who can last the longest? Knowing Lima Sky, you can expect updates further within this multiplayer mode, which is what really excites me. They’ve got a limitless amount of possibilities!

I’ll post an update to this post as soon as I get my hands on the update, but if you’ve gotten to play it before, let us know below in the comments. I’m dying to know!

Written by nkatti