Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is the kind of game that entertains the most basic of concepts while still managing to be completely addicting. In all honesty, I hold this game right up there with Bejeweled 2. Oh yes. It’s that good.

The game is mind blowingly simple. Your character is a cute little green alien that jumps and shoots balls out of his…. facial protrusion. This is all he does! You don’t have to do anything to make him jump, he simply hops from green platform, to green platform while you tilt the iPhone back and forth to get him to land in specific places.

There are more things to think about than just jumping to green platforms, of course. The brown, cracked platforms crumble under your weight, while landing on a spring will make you go much higher then you could otherwise. Another thing you must remember is that the bottom of the screen is the cut off point. if you fall, you will discover that all the platforms that have passed below that point have disappeared and it will be game over.

Once you get high enough, you will start to encounter “monsters”. Eventually they become near impossible to get around. This is when you start tapping the screen in panic, only to discover that you can shoot balls out of your… facial protrusion. If you aim correctly? Bam. Bad guy problem solved.

The visuals have a very appealing, whimsical hand drawn look that puts the “Doodle” in “Doodle Jump” and a smile on my face. As you get higher and higher, you start to encounter other things, such as holes in the actual “paper” the game is “drawn” on. These should be avoided at all costs, as you can fall in and die. Eventually there will be UFOs that can suck you up also.

The one complaint I’ve heard people make about this game, is the fact that there is no iTunes support and therefore you can’t swap out the sound for your own playlist. However, I am not bothered by this. If you start playing your music before you open the application, it will continue playing through out the game. Although, I happen to think that the sound that the little alien makes is, in fact, quit charming. It’s kind of a cross between a “boing” and a “pop”. Super cute. Also, while this is a game I may play often, I don’t play it for long periods of time. At least not long enough to warrant a need for my music to make it more interesting.

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