‘Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword’ Goes Free With Special Events

We reviewed this game, and it passed through our process with a respectable 4.5/5 stars. Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword is a clever mashup of endless running, boss fights, humorous cartoons as well as with RPG elements mixed, and it’s currently free as part of a unique promotion from which you can prizes out. Everyone loves free things!

The game was received extremely well by the media and fans of the genre alike, and it’s bound to stay free for atleast one full week. On top of that, 100,000 downloads will secure the current price tag for another whole month. Similarly, 150,000 downloads and 200,000 downloads will bring on a new game mode and then another new game mode, respectively.

Users are recommended to visit the developer’s website in order to vote for their favorite game modes. The top two choices will be developed, if their respective goals are reached.

Also as part of the promotion, a video tutorial of the game was developed and posted on YouTube. It shows you what you shouldn’t do with a plasma sword and gives viewers a taste of the humor that is included in the main meat of the actual game. You can view it below:

The above video will be incorporated into a new series, if you will. Via the website, which was linked to above, you can send in your suggestions of what not to do with a plasma sword to potentially have your line make it into a future video or into the actual game. Incentive to do so: users will win iTunes giftcards if their lines are used.

We liked Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword. From our review:

“What makes DRWAPS simply stand out from others of the same breed, is the inclusion of leveling up making it sort of an endless runner/role-playing hybrid in my eyes. As you continue to play, you receive experience points which are used to level up your character and in turn upgrade the avatar. You can purchase a higher jump for Cornelius, more life and more. Indeed a joy once you get a taste of it and certainly incentive to continue playing and running with a plasma sword…”

So, we definitely recommend picking up this little time-waster if you’re at all peaked by the idea. You can download it here.