Does the MacBook Pro Price Cut Signal Something Wrong with Apple? [Opinion]

The day before Valentine’s Day Apple had surprised the blogosphere and consumers by announcing both a processor refresh and price cut for its recently-released Retina MacBook Pros and MacBook Air. Yes, in an unexpected move – just four months after introducing its high-end laptops – Apple chops $200 off the price. What could be the reason behind these price cuts?

Ever since the holiday earnings were published, analysts are saying Apple is stalling and reached its peak. So from now on, the company’s way will begin trending downwards.

Maybe these analysts are right. The sudden price cut of refreshed MacBook Pros with Retina Display could easily mean that these devices aren’t selling well. Maybe it’s a symptom of what’s wrong at the company. This could be a reasonable explanation. But is this the real reason?

What could be concerning, though, at least from an analyst’s perspective, is the recent reports claiming the iPhone 5 isn’t selling well. We’ve heard a couple rumors of Apple cutting down display orders for the iPhone 5, but if you look at the holiday quarter report, we can see Apple has sold 47.8 million units!

Yet there seems to be a push toward a cheaper iPhone because – analysts claim – the heavily-subsidized iPhone 5 that can be purchased for $200 isn’t selling well. What is indeed selling well instead: the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, which can be purchased for $0 or $100.

Another alarming signal – again for analysts – is that the iPhone 5 didn’t top a consumer satisfaction survey, although Apple products are usually on the top.

Apple seems to lose market share in the tablet market as well, recent reports highlight. In other words, we have a batch of alarming signals.

But there is one tiny detail these “red flaggers” neglect to mention, and a simple look at the IDC quarterly report visualizes: Apple is keeping a steady market share on a global scale – it has recorded a 46% growth on a year-over-year basis in iPhone sales.