Documents To Go Updated To Include Spreadsheet Creation, Editing

DataViz has updated Documents To Go, their suit of office iPhone applications, to add the ability to edit and create Excel spreadsheet documents. It uses the standard .xls file format and is also compatable with Excel 2007/2008 (.xlsx) formats. It has also improved the typing speed throughout the entire suite.

New Features:

  • View, edit & create Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx) spreadsheets
  • Unique InTact Technology retains original document formatting of edited files
  • Supports 111 functions
  • Supports password protected Excel 97-2004 spreadsheets
  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Cell formatting: fonts, Bold, Italic, Underline, alignment, cell shading, text color
  • Number formatting: general, number, scientific, currency, percent, text, date & time
  • View & edit in both Portrait and Landscape
  • Full screen view
  • Insert/delete rows & columns
  • Resize/hide/unhide rows & columns
  • Rename/insert/delete sheets
  • Supports multiple worksheets
  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • Find/Find Next

You can find both versions of Documents To Go in the App Store.

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