Documents To Go Gets Cut, Copy & Paste, Pinch To Zoom Word Files, iWork 09 Support

DataViz has updated Documents To Go, their app for reading MS Office documents and editing MS Word documents on the iPhone, adding features for OS 3.0. Version 1.1 adds cut, copy and paste; pinch to zoom and full screen view in Word files; the ability to send files via email with clients other than Microsoft Exchange; and viewing and syncing of iWork 09 files for Mac users.

Probably the biggest change is support for Cut, Copy and Paste between apps using Apple’s implementation added in OS 3.0 instead of their own version that only worked within Documents To Go. Now you can cut, copy and paste between Documents To Go and any other app. (Users still using pervious versions of the iPhone OS will still have access to the previous version of cut, copy and paste.)

They have also added the ability to pinch to zoom in on Word files, taking the place of their zoom toolbar. They also have the ability to view documents in full screen, making editing even easier.

The addition of small floating icons let you toggle the toolbar and keyboard on and off.

Best of all, users without the Microsoft Exchange version of Documents To Go can now send files as email attachments using any account, including ones like Gmail, Yahoo, or MobileMe, using email button has been added to the toolbar.

Lastly, they have also added the ability to sync and view iWork 09 documents from your Mac. They have also updated their desktop sync software, which you can get free from the site or check for updates from inside the app.

You can get Documents To Go for $5.99 in the App Store.

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