Dizzy Bee 2

Dizzy Bee 2 is an adorably engaging marble maze-type game. At first glance it may look like something you might use to entertain your toddler. The cutesy graphics and sound effects border on infantile, however your doubts will be quickly quelled once you start playing. The objective is simple. Dizzy Bee needs to save his little fruit friends! Simply rotate your iPhone around, allowing him to roll about and collect his friends. The screen will remain upright as your little bee moves about. Be careful of the baddies though. Bump into a baddie and you’re a goner!

This second installment is pollinated with tons of new levels and bad guys. The controls have been perfected and there are more fruit friends to save! Carefully tilting your phone will cause your bee to slowly roll around while you dodge bad guys and pick up flowers. Don’t tilt too far though! Fast, careless movements will cause your little guy will go flying across the screen!

Once Dizzy Bee rolls over a fruit, it unlocks and starts to follow you. You can then utilize them to help you pick up flowers and avoid bad guys! Sounds easy, right? Well things get difficult once you realize that tilting not only moves you and your friends, but your enemies as well. Tilt too far to the right and you’ll get stuck in a corner with grim-looking baddies that want nothing more then to destroy you and your lighthearted intentions.

One thing to remember about the enemies is that if they have a grumpy face, then bumping into them will kill you. Happy faced objects like spiderwebs and dustballs won’t hurt you. They’ll just suck you up and hold you for several seconds. You can end up using this to your advantage because when you’re stuck in one, the grumpy guys can’t hurt you.

Graphically speaking, Dizzy Bee 2 is cute. That is all. I can’t deny that the characters are adorable and the animations are as smooth as butter, but the problem lies in the mazes. They definitely become progressively more difficult, but unfortunately they’re also very typical. The soundtrack is also very generic, but thankfully, the game includes iPod music support. Overall, this game is precious. Even the little home screen icon is cute! It’s definitely not for people who are easily frustrated by marble mazes, but for everyone not in that category, Dizzy Bee 2 will be a favorite.

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