Dizzy Bee

I’ve been looking for the best games that the App Store has to offer this far. You’ve probably heard a lot of great things about our staff favorite from your friends and all around the internet, but there are many more games for you to look into in case Super Monkey Ball just doesn’t rock your socks.

Dizzy Bee is a puzzle game that’s sure to keep you entertained for hours. It may look like a toddler’s learning game, but the cute visuals and smooth graphics make this accelerometer-based application one of the most pleasant games currently available for iPhone. At the very affordable price of $2.99, this is a purchase that can’t let you down. The gameplay is very well polished and makes innovative use of the accelerometer (if you pause or go to any menu in the game, everything will rock itself into position based on the orientation in which you are holding your iPhone).

The point of the game is simple–tilt and rotate your iPhone to roll Bee around the level, release your fruit friends from their ice traps, and roll them all to the exit while avoiding “baddies”–various enemies of yours whose movement is also affected by your orientation changes of the platform. You may collect flowers on the way to get more points, and you’ll encounter several obstacles that make your gameplay a bit more intricate than it may seem. Each of the game’s levels is unique and throws new challenges at you in your quest to save all of your fruit friends.

Here’s a video demonstration which you can also find at the developer’s website here:

This game has many small features that I appreciate, such as the ability to listen to your own music while playing, and auto-saving whenever you quit the app. Dizzy Bee is very addictive, fun, and takes full advantage of iPhone’s accelerometer hardware and bright and beautiful display. At its low price, this is a definite recommendation from us here at iPhone Alley and we hope to see many more great games like this from the developer.

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