Disney Likes The iPad

It was easy to guess that because of their affiliation with Apple’s CEO, Walt Disney is in support of the iPad. They expressed this during a financial call last night in which they complemented the device for how it promises to change the way some people consume media.

“We find that the iPad has a lot of potential. It could be a game changer in terms of enabling us to create essentially new forms of content. It will be a great device to play games and watch videos because of the quality of the screen,” commented the Cheif Executive and president Robert Iger.

“We’ve put in a marketplace a digibooks product through our Disney publishing group just recently. We haven’t really marketed in earnest because while its not really in beta we are still working through some of the issues that you deal with when you are launching new product like that and we were developing it primarily for the computer screen and we started developing it for the iTunes I should say for the iPhone, iPod touch platform and suddenly this device comes along and provides us with an even more robust technological platform that makes the interactivity that we are going to provide things like read along simple animation music to just sort of come to life,” he continued.

Hearing this reaction, it’s hard not to think back and remember the infamous comments of the renowned David Lynch:

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