Diamond Fever

Diamond Fever by Howling Moon Games is an interesting take on the ever popular match-three puzzle game genre. The concept is a good one but the graphics aren’t anything special. The point of the game is to survive a timed onslaught of gems that get tossed out of the center of the board, one at a time, to the four corners of the screen. Winning is a combination of luck and ninja reflexes as you try to keep the gem blocks from reaching the center. To do this you must tap on any grouping of 3 or more gems to make them disappear.

When you first start out, the pace is nice and slow. Once you get to about level 5 however, those gems really start to fly. Paying attention to all four corners and trying to keep them from reaching the center becomes increasingly difficult, and after a while you’re pretty much just begging the timer to run out so you can stop. It’s definitely an addictive kind of punishment.

Sounds great, right? Well the rest of Diamond Fever is hard to explain. For one the soundtrack is sort of like… hip elevator music. While it DOES get rather obnoxious after a bit, it actually kind of suits the game. The graphics aren’t fancy. They have a rather clean and sharp feel, and (I assume) are meant to give you the feel of mining for diamonds. Lots of brownish rock tones with the contrast of bright gem colors. The design could definitely use a bit of work still, but everything is quite acceptable for the time being.

The biggest issue with the game is that there are only 10 levels and I have no idea why. It’s pretty typical for these types of games to have bazillions of levels, so I don’t know what the deal is. It’s interesting to see if you can keep beating your own score and such, but that type of thing will only entertain for so long. As it stands, I’m not convinced that Diamond Fever is worth the price tag.

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