Devs Stealing Intellectual Property From Each Other To Gain Credibility

A coding firm in India was recently exposed for falsifying their resume, claiming to have coded several popular apps in the App Store that they had nothing to do with in order to gain clients. The story starts with TapBots CEO, Paul Haddad, being asked if their popular app, ConvertBot [App Store, $0.99] was coded by Trucid. Of course, it was coded by TapBots LLC.

A confused Paul Haddad decided to email Trucid pretending to be an interested client, asking for a list of apps they had made. As suspected, he was given a list of 14 popular apps they had allegedly made, but were known to be coded by other companies, including ConvertBot.

When they confronted them about claiming credit for apps they hadn’t made, they confessed, though the CEO said he didn’t know it was happening, and allegedly “talked to” the employee responsible, saying he was grateful for the notification and they were “taking all steps that is necessary to ensure that this will not happen again”.

This wasn’t the only case, either. Sugar Cube, a long time app developer for large companies, once sent screenshots of an app under NDA to a company claiming to be looking for a contract. Unbeknownst to them, the company they sent it to was using the screenshots of their intellectual property in a presentation that got them several high-level contracts at a company, and is now a successful firm.

[via Ars Technica]

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