Developers Threaten Legal Action Against Apple For Missed App Store Payments

We’ve already heard about the developers upset about late or missing payments from Apple. Now TechCrunch reports that that isn’t the worst of it, and some developers are even threatening legal action. Many of the complaints on the developer forums (1,2) paint a pretty ugly picture of how Apple is treating their developers.

One particularly serious case involves a developer who hasn’t received a single payment from Apple since November 2009. An App Store finance team even accused his multiple email requests as “bordering on harassment,” claiming that the reason they hadn’t gotten to him yet was because of all the other emails they’ve been getting.

Another developer who has been waiting since September says Apple currently owes him $7000.

Now, we know it’s one thing for Apple to be having problems with this, but what is perhaps the most disturbing part about the situation is that despite the bombarding of complaints and negative publicity it has generated, Apple appears to be doing nothing about it, nor even trying to look like they’re fixing it.

It’s saddening to see Apple treating developers in this way. Based on the forum posts, they are pushing many of them away to other platforms.

[via TechCrunch]

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