Developers Cheating To Get To The App Store’s Front Page

The App store has become a hub for little-known developers to publish their works and get their name on the market. With the main view of the full list of applications coming up alphabetically, however, software higher in the alphabet won’t be so susceptible to exposure. This has led to some foul play.

It seems as though some developers have been using ploys to make their applications appear further near the front of the list. To make their applications show on the front page, developers are adding symbols or spaces before the name. A convenient image gallery can be accessed here, so check it out for a visual explanation. This is obviously a problem, because however hard someone plans on looking, no one is going to expect to be spammed by poorly tagged software in the App Store. It might be a little much for someone to go through the App Store and weed out this shoddy software hijinx, but a better suggestion has been to employ the 2007 iTunes update which forced symbols and numbers to go to the end of the list.

If you’re one of the many that is heavily offended by this blight upon our beloved new freedom, you can contact iTunes Support and give them a piece of your mind to hand out to the hokey developers employing these hardly-artful antics.

[via TUAW]

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