Developer Tap Tap Tap Splitting Up, Selling ‘Where To?’

iPhone developer team Tap Tap Tap was quick to leave their mark on the App Store with popular apps like Tipulator and Where To?, but now the team is parting ways. John Casasanta announced on the company’s blog yesterday that they are going their separate ways, and will be either splitting up or selling the apps they’ve created.

In the time they contributed to the App Store’s inventory, Tap Tap Tap faired very well. One of Casasanta’s blog entries from back in August mentioned them pulling in around $7k of revenue from apps in the App Store in just six days.

The blog post that broke the news of the separation says that the decision to break the company up was a difficult one to make, but Casasanta’s marketing expertise and Sophia Teutschler’s coding abilities have been clashing to the point where both parties have found it best to part ways.

The result is that Sohpia is leaving the Tap Tap Tap team and taking with her Tipulator, I’m Here and Groceries under her Sophiestication brand. Casasanta will be retaining the Tap Tap Tap brand and several unannounced apps.

One thing they weren’t able to split up was their big hit, Where To?. So, rather than just kill the project, they’re going to auction the app and its assets off to the highest bidder.

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