Developer Launches iPhone 1300ft Into The Air

It’s not uncommon for someone with multiple hobbies to try to combine them, but Michael Koppleman is both a skilled iPhone developer and a model rocket enthusiast in his spare time. What happens when you mix them together? You end up launching a piece of cutting edge touchscreen technology 1300 feet in the air.

Koppleman created his own iPhone app that monitors the iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer information to calculate location and velocity of the iPhone and transmits the file to the web. Then, being the brave/borderline insane guy that he is, he built a model rocket, shoved his iPhone inside, and lit the fuse. It took a few tries, but he managed to get it up to 1300 feet. And don’t worry. His iPhone had a parachute.

You can check out the data logged by his iPhone here and a video interview with Make Magazine.

[via Cult Of Mac]

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