Dev Team Releases QuickPwn, A New Windows-Only Simplified Jailbreak App [Update: GUI Released]

The Dev Team has just released a new tool for all you Windows users out there. It’s called QuickPwn, and it lets you jailbreak your iPhone more quickly and easily than the PwnageTool on the Mac or WInPwn. QuickPwn uses a new jailbreaking technique that they say “has been available to the iPhone research and hacking community for about 5 days now (if you looked hard enough)”.

The main difference between the PwnageTool and QuickPwn (besides running on Windows) is that because of the technique it utilizes, it doesn’t need you to create a whole new IPSW file and use it with iTunes, but it still jailbreaks the device. If you’re trying to create a new custom firmware with specific features, then you’ll still need a PwnageTool variant, but if all you’re looking for is a jailbreak, then this tool is much more convenient.

They do note that it’s still in early development stages:

In an attempt to be more open about our development process, we’re releasing a beta version of quickpwn, for Windows only. Other platforms are coming soon.

What you’re getting here is a development version (mostly feature complete) of an upcoming tool that we see as a complement to our current PwnageTool. It’s not ready for everyone just yet, but with a bit of expertise, it should work nicely for those of you adventurous enough to try it.


  • a computer running WIndows
  • an iPhone/ iPhone 3G/ iPod touch running firmware 2.0.1 (they say this requirement will change in a future release)

You can download QuickPwn here: download QuickPwn.

They remind us that they’re still hard at work trying to unlock the 3G baseband, but so far there’s nothing new there.

(On another interesting note, the Dev Team also mentioned that because they’ve posted a tool that uses this jailbreaking method, they “are sure you’ll see all sorts of tools popping back up that have, erm„ been on a long hiatus :-) ”. Shortly after, Zibri announced on his blog that he is back in the hacking game and a new version of QuickPwn Ziphone is in the works.)

Update: Hacker poorlad has managed to create a GUI for the app in just 5 short hours (earning a massive tip of our fanciest of hats). You can download the GUI version (if you don’t know what that means, then this is probably the one you want) here: QuickPwn – GUI Version. The Dev Team reminds you to keep in mind that this is still a beta, and also that the command line window will still open, but everything you need to worry about will be handled by the GUI.

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