Dev Team Posts Redsn0w iPod Touch Jailbreak Patch Video Demo, Screenshot

MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev Team has posted a video demonstration of their iPod Touch jailbreak. The video reveals that redsn0w is a patch that keeps the iPod from detecting their jailbreak and stopping it from booting. We suspected that redsn0w was related in some way to an iPod Touch jailbreak, and now we know we were right. You can check out the video on Qik.

They also posted this screenshot on their blog showing a jailbroken iPod Touch running Mobile Terminal as evidence that they have the jailbreak working. However, they caution that it’s still too complicated for the average user to attempt, so it will be a while longer until they automate the process. They also say not to expect an estimated time of release for the hack, as they don’t want to make any time commitments.

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