Dev Team Gets Their Hands On 2.2 Software Beta

Not long after Apple started testing of version 2.2 of the iPhone software, the iPhone Dev Team has already gotten their hands on it. They’ve managed to uncover a few interesting details on the new software, the most important being that 2.2 still contains the hardware that is already vulnerable to the pwnage exploit, meaning that a new Pwnage Tool should work.

Other interesting details they’ve uncovered include:

  1. They’re continuing with their ski-resort theme; Version 2.2 is nicknamed TImberline.
  2. They’ve gone back to using expiry dates. The first 2.2 beta is due to expire on November 30, 2008. They stopped using expiry dates about halfway through the 2.1 betas, but for some reason they’ve started using them again.
  3. Version 2.2 is still vulnerable to pwnage and quickpwn on everything but iPod Touch 2G.

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