Details On Voice Control Features Found In 3.0 Beta

Earlier this month mentions were found in the iPhone OS 3.0 beta of several features not mentioned by Apple, including ‘voice control’. Now, Ars Technica has further details on the feature from sources inside Ars Technica that are “familiar with the matter”, although there are still few details known.

The voice control features, which are apparently code-named “Jibbler”, will allegedly add both voice synthesis and voice recognition to iPhone OS 3.0, and will be directly connected to the iPhone SpringBoard application responsible for displaying app icons and launching apps. It will also support the newly announced Spotlight Search that will be added to the iPhone with the 3.0 software. It is possible that it will be controlled using the iPhone headset (although this was recently discontinued).

Refrences to classes and methods by the following names were found:

  • VSSpeechSynthesizer
  • VSRecognitionSession
  • SBVoiceControlDisableHandlerActions
  • SBSensitiveJibblerEnabled
  • SBVoiceControlSoundCompletion

‘SB’ appears to reference the SpringBoard, and VS is believed to reference a new ‘Voice Services’ class.

If this turns out to be legitimate, it is possible that it may finally add voice dialing functionality to the iPhone.

[via Ars Technica]

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