Detailed Instructions for Jailbreaking iPhone 5 Emerge, but…

We all know the iPhone 5 is feature-packed and effective, but many users enjoy jailbreaking their device, a process which “unlocks” the phone. Jailbreaking an iPhone can, among other things, enable the user to install apps that aren’t, for whatever reason, available in the App Store.

The Columbine Courier has allegedly published an article on its website which purports to teach the reader how to jailbreak an iPhone 5, or an iPhone running iOS 6.0.1.

We at iPhone Alley present this for informational purposes, and remind our readers that there are reasons for and against jailbreaking.

When a user attempts to jailbreak an iPhone, undesired effects may occur, including complete data loss, and the much-feared “bricking.” We advise our readers to proceed with due caution, eyes wide open and above all, at their own risk.

The problem with jailbreaking is that it is not officially supported by Apple. Enter enterprising hackers and developers who seek to develop their own apps that claim to do the task. Their true motives? Only they know.

In the Courier article, we are pointed to a website which loudly extols the virtues of an app that is, in the website’s words, “guaranteed” to work. Of course, there’s a catch: the privilege of downloading this app will set one back $27.99.

Other websites claim to offer jailbreaking for the iPhone 5, too, and point to instructions for apps that either exist or are in development.

A similar article appeared on the website for the Spencer County Journal, which like the Courier, is a legitimate newspaper. The article posted on their website, however, is poorly written and, in our opinion, highly suspect.

Another potential red flag is the fact that both articles each conveniently have one comment, which is apparently iPhone-related spam. One final potential warning sign is the fact that the Courier has the supposed jailbreaking news listed as an all-day event on its calendar (see right).

We would respectfully submit that no legitimate, impartial journalistic outlet outside, perhaps, the iPhone/tech industry would do such a thing.

We should note that none of the industry websites have yet to report this news, which if true would be breaking news across the board.

Both the Columbine Courier–in Littleton, Colorado–and the Spencer County Journal-Democrat of Rockport, Indiana–are small but legitimate newspapers owned by the same parent company, Landmark Communications Inc.

These articles are, we feel, highly suspect for even a hobbyist news site, let alone a conventional media outlet.

We attempted to reach each newspaper for a comment on the legitimacy of the article, but neither paper had personnel in their newsrooms available via telephone.

A call placed to a reporter’s cell phone was not immediately returned.

While we understand the excitement surrounding jailbreaking an iPhone, we feel it our duty to warn our readers about the risks, especially when there are so many potential red flags surrounding the alleged breaking news.

The news broke this morning that a supposed jailbreak for iPhone 5 was available, and of course we investigated, expecting a legitimate news story.

Instead, we believe it to be a cautionary tale, and although the temptation to unlock an iPhone can indeed be great, we would be remiss if we did not point out that many users paid $120 or more for their device. Surely one would wish to protect their investment.

At least at this point, we would file this story under “True, Too Good to Be,” and would advise our readers to proceed accordingly.