Deal: Get a 64GB 3G iPad 1 for Only $450

If you’re the type of family who like to celebrate Christmas after the official 25th date or are forced to do so because of a family member’s job, you may want to listen up. Or even otherwise, if you’re looking for an iOS device to not necessarily deliver by the 25th, check out the following post.

Popular website, has got a pretty good deal going for the better of the next two hours. For the remainder of today, which doesn’t have very long left, their daily deal is selling the 1st-generation iPad with 64GB of disk space and 3G/WiFi enabled for some more than $400 off the original price that other retailers are selling it for. The catch is that 1) it’s not the most current iPad but is still a good deal and 2) there’s no guarantee you’ll receive the iPad before/on Christmas.

The normal list price for the 1st generation iPad in the above capacity is $829. You’ll also be signing up for a data plan so mind that. For more information on the iPad, visit out sister site iPad’n'Gravy.

The only plus here is that you’re getting a wonderful deal money wise. Of course it’s not the iPad 2, and it hasn’t got all of the coolest features that its successor currently boasts. Otherwise, it’s still a powerful tablet that can do most everything anyone would want it to do. So if you’re looking for an after-Christmas sale that has technically begun today, you can pick up the iPad for $450 (plus a small shipping fee) by simply navigating to

Note: Amazon has the same version of the iPad for around $270 off the original price.