DataCase Lets You Use Your iPhone As A Wireless Storage Device

Veisoft has just released their much-anticipated iPhone app, DataCase, for the iPhone and iPod touch. DataCase lets your iPhone double as a wireless storage device, giving you the ability to wirelessly store and retrieve data files of any kind on the device using your Mac, PC, or Linux machine. It also allows you to view Word, PowerPoint, PDF and Excel documents on the device.

For Mac users, DataCase operates using Bonjour, adding your iPhone or iPod touch as an external drive in Finder. In Windows and Linux, it operates mostly through the web browser. Transfers are also possible through FTP access.

It also allows for storage volume creation and control for seperating different data types, or for creating limited-access memory. You can also set permissions for the volumes created, with a limit of 16 volumes total. DataCase requires Mac OS X 10.3 for AFP (Apple File Protocol) connections.

DataCase is available in the App Store for $6.99.

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