Customers Able to Keep AT&T Unlimited Data Plans with iPhone 5 Upgrades

Contrary to popular belief, AT&T has today released a press release stating that customers that currently have an unlimited data plan will be able to be grandfathered into an unlimited data plan despite the newly-added support for 4G LTE with the introduction of the iPhone 5.

According to AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega:

“We are thrilled to offer iPhone 5 on the nation’s largest 4G network. We’ve worked with Apple since the original in 2007 and this is hands-down their best phone yet. We offer customers the flexibility to keep the iPhone data plans they already have or choose any of our individual or new Mobile Share plans. We’re proud that more customers choose AT&T for iPhone than any other U.S. carrier and look forward to making iPhone 5 the newest addition to our lineup.”

If the only thing barring you from upgrading come next Friday was the possibility that you could lose your unlimited data plan, you can sleep a little better tonight.

It’s important to note, however, that “unlimited” data isn’t truly unlimited. Though you’re allowed a limitless data allotment, there are quite in fact a few glaring flaws. This is the fact that AT&T will begin to throttle your data speeds (slow them down) once you hit the new 5 GB data limit – these throttling speed changes will stay in effect until your next billing cycle. The data limit has been upped to 5GB from 3GB, which is definitely a positive.

The second of these downsides is if you decide to be grandfathered into the unlimited plan, you won’t be eligible to FaceTime over 4G. AT&T recently announced that it would not charge a premium for FaceTiming over 4G, but it would instead offer the feature as part of the company’s new Mobile Share (family data allotment) plans.

de la Vega was previously quoted saying that data plans were a nightmare for AT&T, which was followed by public criticism due to the complaint. Given that, it’s truly great the company doesn’t plan on shutting people out of their unlimited data plan.