Current Weather App Review – Bad Forecasts Can Look Good!

When you’re looking for the weather, most of the time you’re probably searching for the current temperature, nothing more – and the most appealing thing to see upon opening an application is a bright, cheery interface that makes it easy to sort through various information rather than a trite UI with simple text and no accompanying graphical aspect. Even though it has its own unique (no pun intended) caveats in comparison to other similar applications, Current Weather ($0.99) is easily a top contender for your weather tracking needs.

When you open the application for the first time, you’ll be prompted to either give Current Weather the right to check your location, or you can optionally select to pick one city. Once your location has been determined by means by one of the above methods, the application will immediately display the current weather for the daytime and the nighttime, as well as the speed and direction of the wind and finally the same day/night variation for the next day. It’s a simply display, only covering the size of the iPhone’s screen; no scrolling, everything there for you to see.

By simply sliding upwards on the main menu of the application, another little navigation bar will appear holding the buttons to three different things; the functionality part of the application, the social part and the behind the scenes menu. The settings menu allows you to change the wind speed between miles per hour and kilometers per hour as well as temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit. From here, depending on which of the two methods you used to set your location, you can manually change your current location. The application enables you to take pictures from within its confines to immediately share using the built in social feature, which also lets you share your forecast on Twitter using your login credentials setup using the settings menu.

Current Weather’s forte is undoubtedly its graphical elements. Along with the provided weather information, an additional image is displayed alongside as a somewhat widget-like object. This usually ranges to an effulgent sun depicting sunny weather, a wispy image of the moon and more depending on the forecast classification. These inclusions enlighten the application, looking exceptional with the retina display taking a part too. The image and time of day always correlates to the color scheme used for the application’s interface; if it’s in the night, the application retains a darker theme than its bright daytime counterpart, both sporting cool looks and simply gleaming with the evident time put into making them. Weather or not (See what I did there? No typo!) you’re peaked by the idea of the simple UI and straightforward weather information, the artwork that Current Weather incorporates as its many backgrounds, button sprites and more can easily be considered as the verdict in this case – the application is worth a purchase regardless, thanks to the graphics.

Though it’s been described as the cake taker among the other ranks of weather utilities available on the App Store, Current Weather has its own cons worth mentioning. The application, like described, only shows information for two days. Added days, as well as individual hours, are essential for this application to compete with the other worthy ones of the same breed. You should also be able to add multiple locations maybe available via a swipe either left or right gesture. Other than those two gripes, which are potentially game-changers, the app’s pretty much good to go.

Current Weather has got enough style to make anyone unintentionally drool with awe, and it doesn’t lack in too many areas. Despite the absence of a few needed features, it really is worth the dollar asking price, beyond any doubt. It literally will make those gloomy, weather forecasts have a good [looking] side.

[easyreview title="Our Score - Utility" cat1title="Polish" cat1detail="Current Weather's graphical aspect is flawless." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Intuitiveness" cat2detail="By changing its theme depending on weather and time of day, the application has introduced a new feature that can't be found in many other weather applications." cat2rating="5" cat3title="UI" cat3detail="The menus are easily navigable by the use of a few simple gestures, and everything is cleverly and accordingly arranged. However, it was lacking when it came to changing locations and adding extra ones" cat3rating="4.5" summary="We had a few gripes, but all in all it's a worthy weather application deserving of your dollar."]

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