Craig Hockenberry Releases A Flashlight App and It’s Awesome

If you’ve been following Craig Hockenberry on Twitter in the last several months, you may remember that he’s been working on a “flashlight app.” When I heard about it I assumed he was just poking fun at the number of useless apps on the App Store, but it turns out that he was being sincere. The app is called Safety Light [App Store, $0.99] and it could very well be the most useful flashlight app available for the iPhone.

Safety Light does two things right. The first is that it’s been designed to look wonderful while being very easy to use. The second is that it provides several useful features. In addition to being a simple “light,” Safety Light gives you a highly visible flasher, an SOS signal, and a playful “disco mode.” It’s only $0.99, so check it out!

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