Crackulus Lets Users Break Protection On Downloaded Official Apps, Undermines App Store [Update: Crackulus Pirated?]

If Apple didn’t think they had a reason to thwart the jailbreaking movement among iPhone owners before, they sure do now. Crackulous, a new unofficial app that was released to Cydia not long ago, claims to be able to remove the copy protection from App Store apps installed on your iPhone. If true, it would allow a single user to simply buy an app to put it into illegal circulation.

With the exception of the occasional repairing of the occasional security flaws and a few other spare tires thrown in the Dev Team’s direction, Apple has been somewhat lax when it comes to the jailbreaking and unlocking communities. This, however, might be enough to push them over the edge, as it undermines the App Store and means a few hard-working developers won’t get the money they’ve earned.

Update: This is where it gets confusing. Earlier today (as user Kevin Dunahee commented below), Gizmodo posted that someone claiming to be the true owner of Crackulous wrote in claiming that the app was his and that Gizmodo’s link was to a pirated version, asking that it be removed. As it turns out, the person who emailed them had nothing to do with Crackulous, but they made a very good point. (And, as we’ve said before, iPhone Alley does not support the stealing of App Store apps in any way for any reason.)

[Engadget via Funky Space Monkey]

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