Cops Give Away Speed Trap Locations, DUI Checkpoints on Trapster

Trapster [App Store, Free], the popular iPhone app that allows users to post known speed traps and alert other drivers, says that many of the trap locations entered are coming from the police themselves. Founder and CEO, Pete Tenereillo, says that roughly 100 cops around the country have been using Trapster without official sanctions from their departments. Trapster typically makes the cops moderators so they can enter whatever data they like, but after an increased use in usage from cops Tenereillo decided to start approaching police departments.

The first department to officially start working with Trapster was the Travis County Sheriff’s Office in Austin Texas. In addition to entering speed trap locations, Travis County is now entering other information such as dangerous intersections, road closures, and traffic jams. Trapster also provided the county their own custom icons in the app, so users will know the information comes from a trusted source. According to a Travis County Deputy, “Our job is compliance, so if I can slow traffic down by just being there, that works too.”

[via Trapster Blog]

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