Contour Surface Sound Compact Car Kit

The Surface Sound Compact is a flat-panel bluetooth speakerphone device that allows hands-free phone calls anywhere that you can bring it.

This device is certainly a marvelous one, from the extremely thin design to it’s multiple functions. It’s a simple process to pair it with iPhone, and once paired, it’s easy to make and answer calls. Unhinging the microphone bar turns on the Contour Surface, and at this point you’re ready to make and accept calls. There are buttons on the side for raising/ lowering volume and for accepting/ rejecting calls.

There are some pretty cool functions packed into this device. You can put someone on hold, mute your microphone, use call waiting and even use voice-recognition to make calls if your phone is equipped to. The Surface will even alert you to missed calls, and by pressing the TALK button, you will be able to dial the missed number.

Making calls in the car is definitely a breeze. The one thing that I’ve noticed is that the volume can’t go too high, so if you’re talking to someone who has a soft or quiet voice, then be prepared to strain your ears to hear. Make sure that the environment is relatively quiet around you, too, because driving down the highway at 70 MPH and attempting to talk with someone on speakerphone is utterly out of the question. Also, if you don’t point yourself at the microphone, you could end up being too quiet as well.

Overall, I was pleased with this device. It’s slim, simple and downright well-designed. I have this pretty much permanently installed on my car’s visor, and I’ll admit that I’m really excited to accept phone calls on it. This device has re-instilled that child-like sense of wonder over the professional idea of accepting phone calls in the car.

Pros :
• Speakerphone allows convenient hands-free conversation
• Rechargeable battery, comes with USB/ car charger
• TALK multi-function (be sure to read the manual)
• Mounts just about anywhere it can clamp onto
• Lengthy battery time
• Sleek design

Cons :
• Speaker can be too quiet with recieved calls
• Microphone sometimes has trouble making you loud enough

Price : $99.99
This device can be purchased in the Apple Store and in stores worldwide.

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