Confirmed: NY Times’ Randall Stross Is Really, Really Not An Expert

When we first read Randall Stross’s article proclaiming that the iPhone was actually to blame for AT&T’s network problems, we just figured the author was perhaps just uninformed or naive. Now we know that Stross has been gunning for Steve Jobs since day one, and has a long history of largely unwarranted bashing and grossly underestimating his potential for success.

The nasty, greasy stain on his record is a stinking pile in the form of a book titled “Steve Jobs & The NeXT Big Thing”. Published in 1993, the book outlines what Stross believed to be bad business decisions, including his purchases of NeXT and Pixar, both which were key to his later success. Especially dubius is the book’s criticism for the price of the NeXT cube, the companies main product, the NeXT cube. He said that Steve would have been better off at the time if he had been more like Sun Microsystems’ Scot McNealy, claiming that their “low cost” SparcStation was superior to the overpriced NeXT cube, neglecting to mention that the SparcStation was priced higher.

If his credibility on the iPhone vs AT&T issue was greatly questionable yesterday, today it seems non-existent.

[via Cult of Mac]

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