Condition One App – Be Surrounded by Virtual Reality Video

Have you ever wanted to be able to pan around a movie scene, changing your perspective and vision to look around you at your surroundings for a fuller sense of immersion? Condition ONE is looking to make that future a possibility, starting with their iPad app.

The visual landscape found in the Condition ONE app can be explored by both touch and motion. Video is optimized exclusively for the app to accommodate 180-degree views. to describe the sensation than being able to look through a window. Described as “[producing] the illusion of looking through a window into another reality,” the most-fitting analogy would be it being like staring through the camera app; you can manipulate the viewing angles by moving the camera left or right, with this acting in the same way as moving a camera in real-life does but for pre-recorded footage.

Perhaps one of the most striking uses would be for documentaries to be able to get a point across as users are further immersed in the world trying to be conveyed. After all, the man who brought the idea to light, Danfung Dennis, is predominantly a war photographer. Among the company’s investors is Mark Cuban, a man who rarely fails in choosing evolving projects to invest in.

Since the methodology used for creating suitable 180-degree video does not require proprietary software or hardware, filmmakers can get started on producing films in the format. In fact, Mercedes-Benz, Discovery, Popular ScienceThe Guardian and XL Recordings have already committed to the project. Popular Science has its own app released in partnership Condition ONE that gives users a tour of the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider, placing them in the middle of the particle-detecting action.

Although not in Retina Display format (that would be an extremely-high resolution, taking up a ton of storage space), Condition ONE’s app featuring sample footage originally optimized for iPad 2 is available on the App Store for free – a new level of immersiveness that begs to be tried.

[App Store link redux: Popular Science @ ATLAS: An Immersive Video Tour | Condition ONE]