Complete iPad Lust, Apple Releases Guided Tour Videos

Apple, knowing some gadget fans just can’t wait until Saturday, released a number of Guided Tour videos on their iPad web site. The videos cover all of the built-in apps from Safari to iTunes, but also include the iBooks app and the iWork apps (Keynote, Pages, and Numbers). Hidden in the videos are sure to be hints of new tricks and minor features that were not discussed during the introduction. Each app has its own separate video, or you can watch all of them in one giant guided tour. And for those who want to save the guided tour, you can get it directly from Apple’s site by clicking this link.

An odd omission from the guided tours are the contacts, notes, and maps apps. It is possible that these apps weren’t ready when Apple started filming, although a more likely explanation is that the apps are familiar enough to users that they weren’t necessary.

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