Competitor HTC Taking a Step Backward at 40 Times the Cost

Continuing in iPhone Alley’s weekly dose of humor, HTC provides this week’s bit of true, dare I say, stupidity. As the tablet world is quite a few miles away from the clumsy aberrance that is the “stylus,” HTC will have no trouble selling you one with a… smirk (and perhaps giggle).

What is supposed to be HTC’s next-generation premier tablet, entitled Flyer, is being advertised with a stylus being one of the device’s stand-out selling points. It’s all okay though, HTC does not use the word stylus; going with names such as “magic pen” and “digital pen” instead.

Despite the stylus retracting part of an interface’s intuitiveness, it does at least have one plus: easy, more precise drawing for your tablet masterpieces. Then again, it’s also easy to lose. That doesn’t help its case at all, wait until you hear the most ridiculous part…

How much do you think this genius addition costs? $2? $10? $20? $50? No, no, no, stop dreaming. $80. But it does at least have buttons! Wonder why they didn’t call it the Smart Pen.

[price via Best Buy]