Color Splash

ColorSplash is a very simple, yet highly effective program that allows you to give your pictures a professional and snazzy look. It’s really fast, incredibly easy, and if done carefully, can actually produce some impressive affects! Say you take a picture of an object and you really wish that it stood out more. The program converts your photo to black and white and then all you have to do is use your finger to “paint” the specific area with color so that the subject stands out dramatically. Problem solved!

Included in this app is a nice user friendly tutorial that will get you on your way in no time at all. Once you get the hang of things, you have the option to select an existing photo from your photo library or take a brand new one using the iPhone’s built-in camera. Once you’ve done that, ColorSplash automatically converts your picture into black and white. You can then select the area you would like edit and use your finger to add the color back to that particular area. Since fingers aren’t exactly precision instruments, you can zoom by pinching or spreading your fingers, making detailing much easier. In addition to being able to zoom in, there are four different brushes: Hard or soft edged, transparent, and opaque.

There are two modes in which you can view your photo. Normal shows the image in black and white, allowing you to add color wherever you’d like. Red shows the areas that you’ve colored in a bright opaque scarlet, allowing you to see and edit border areas more clearly. In case of a phone call or the program crashing, ColorSplash automatically saves your work in “sessions”. You can also manually start new sessions and save multiple files to your camera roll.

I’m in love with this app. Its intuitive controls and classy feel make it a pleasure to use and provide almost instant results. Wish just several quick swipes of your finger you can completely transform your photo’s subject matter, and with just a little more added time you can create some incredible details. Even if I have no real reason to edit a photo, I find that messing around with ColorSplash is fun and relaxing. It’s kind of like an amped up coloring book where you can choose the pictures!

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